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Right to Work Letter - (1/30/2014)

Right to Work Letter

Hi Joe, 
It was nice meeting you at the Building & Trades meeting! Thank you and the Boilermakers for signing on to join our efforts against Right to Work in Missouri. It will take all of us working together to defeat it. 

Sorry for my delay in response about getting a banner for your hall. I checked to see if we have any extras. We have already placed all of the existing ones that we have and won't be having any more printed until we know if it's going to the ballot (probably around May). If Local 83 is still interested in having a banner or sign printed right now, I can send you all the artwork/graphics that we use so that you can have one printed. We can help with any other messaging for that as well. Let me know if that's something you're interested in, and if there is anything else with which I can help. 

I also wanted to see if Local 83 has any avenues (email lists, your facebook page, etc) that you could help us spread the word about an online petition to Speaker Tim Jones that we're working on with other anti-Right to Work coalitions. Below is the link to the petition, and I attached some "sample messaging" HERE that our coalition members can use if you want to send it to your membership. Do you think you can help us spread the petition? There's a little more than 5,000 signatures right now; in a few weeks we'll be delivering the signatures to Speaker Jones. 

Hope to talk to you soon and thanks for all your work! 

Lauren Gepford

Protect Missouri Families
Regional Project Coordinator 
816-352-5220 (cell)

Join Us in the Fight to Protect MO Families. Learn More. Get Involved.

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