On June 13, 1913, the International, under the guidance of President Joseph A. Franklin and Secretary-Treasurer William J. Gilthorpe, established the charter for Kaw Valley Lodge, Number 83. Since its beginnings, the members of local 83 have worked hard, with integrity, to carry on the principles established by founding members of this great organization.

Originally in Kansas City, KS, just a block from where the International office exists today, Local 83 relocated four times in Kansas City, MO before permanently residing at its current location in 1984.  In 2011, the building expanded to increase office space and add a training facility.  This serves as a central location for the Local and its members’ large geographical region.

During the century of its existence, the members have endured tremendous challenges and hardships, all the while persevering with dignity.  The membership of Local 83 has maintained faith in each other and the principles of the labor movement, the opportunity to earn a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work, and to retire with pride.  We must move forward with humility and give great thanks to those who came before us so that this organization continues to prosper and that we may pass on what we have been given.  Boilermakers will continue to strive for quality on and off the job for themselves, their families and their country.

For a beautiful and incredibly powerful look into our history through videos and photos, CLICK HERE to visit the Boilermaker Museum.

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