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Right to Work - (4/2/2014)

Right to Work

Ally Leaders standing with us against "Right to Work:"
Thank you for joining our coalition to defeat so-called "Right to Work" in the Missouri Legislature this year.  Our records show you as the point of contact for your organization, group, or business.
We just received word that "Right to Work" will likely be voted on tomorrow (Wed., April 2) in the Missouri House of Representatives. We need you to activate your membership, friends and family now to contact their State Representatives to urge them to vote NO on "Right to Work."

Please spread these action alert links far and wide
We are anticipating a vote on "Right to Work" on Wednesday. Please email your State Representative now and urge them to oppose "Right to Work." Or look up your Representative's phone number here and call them now.
Tell your Representative that these out-of-state laws being pushed by corporate CEOs are bad for Missouri's working families: they'll lower wages and benefits at a time when the middle class is already struggling.  
Share this action alert post on facebook and twitter too!
Contact us with any questions or concerns at info@protectmofamilies.com
Together we can defeat this!
Protect MO Families Team

The Committee to Protect MO Families is a broad-based coalition of organizations and individuals whose purpose is to defeat "Right to Work" efforts in Missouri.  Get the facts, stay informed and join us in our fight.  Visit www.protectmofamilies.com or call 855-650-0122 for more information.

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