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Omaha Mayoral Race - (1/12/2017)

Omaha Mayoral Race

Nebraska State AFL-CIO Weekly Communication:  by Susan L. Martin:  Labor's good friend, term-limited State Senator Heath Mello is running for Mayor of the City of
Omaha. The Nebraska State AFL-CIO Executive Board supports the endorsement by the Omaha
Federation of Labor in Senator Mello's race. We are asking all Nebraska State AFL-CIO affiliated
union members and their families in the City of Omaha to support Senator Mello in his efforts.
One way you can do this is by requesting an Early Voting Ballot. Vote by mail is one of the
easiest ways to have your vote count. No long lines at the poles and voting conveniently in
your home. Following is information on Early Voting:

Early Voting
Registered voters can request that an Early Voting ballot be mailed directly to them prior to
each election, or they can visit the Election Commission and vote early in person. They can also
have someone pick up a ballot for them prior to the election.
Early Voting Ballot Applications are available no earlier than 120 days prior to an election.
There are no Early Voting Ballot Applications available at this time.

Message from Heath Mello
This morning I sent a letter to my opponent, Mayor Stothert, asking her to commit to at least
seven debates before the election. That's one debate in each city council district. Having these
seven debates will make sure that everyone in Omaha has the chance to hear about or from
the mayoral candidates about the issues that matter most to building the city of the future.

Will you add your name to my letter and tell Mayor Sothert that you want at least seven

This isn't a new idea. In the last Mayoral election there were almost a dozen debates and
candidate forums. We're not asking for much. We simply want to make sure that every voter
in the city can be informed before they cast their ballot.

Stand with me as I challenge Mayor Stothert to engage the entire city about what has
happened the past four years and where we are going over the next 20.

** The City of Omaha holds a special primary and general election every four years to elect a mayor and all seven members of the city council. The elections are held the year following a Presidential Election. The primary election is held the first Tuesday in April. The general election is held the first Tuesday after the second Monday in May.

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